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A Home Between Bodies

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Sound Art by Victoria Emanuela

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Every single atom that uniquely puts you together formed in the core of a star billions of years ago. You will find yourself back inside that star, millions of miles away, breathing in how truly vast you are. The journey will send you back to Earth, here to this patch of dirt, and this tenderly enveloping mural. The voices of the community around you will share their truth about belonging and their bodies becoming a home. Strangers without ever having met will affirm one another in compassionate fluidity. We realize that even in our loneliness or struggle, we are in this together—encouraging listeners to write a note of support to another humxn that may need this reminder.


Narrator reciting (Victoria):

Hello human.

Hello you beautifully embodied stardust.

Every single atom that uniquely puts you together formed in the core of a star billions of years ago.

You hear that sound? Can you feel it in your body? These are the sun’s frequencies converted into sound waves, from 92 million miles away.

And though that may seem far, it's a short distance for all the immensity contained within you.

All the DNA in your body, connected end to end, could reach the sun and return to the earth 600 times.

You are the sun. The universe expressing itself through your body.

Let’s take a trip back to earth, to St. Louis, and remind you that you are most certainly not alone.

(Voice 1) You’re in your body, that’s what you’re doing today, everything else will follow.

(Voice 2) You know, it’s a daily practice of trying to make your body a home. I don’t know if I’m there yet, but we’re working on it.

(Voice 3) I like practice because that means you don’t have to do it perfect, you get to repeat it as many times as you need to.

(Voice 4) So I practice what it is to be at home with my body.

(Voice 5) And I go outside and I put my hands in the grass and think about the dew and think about the way it feels on my hands.

(Voice 6) I think that I’m trying to make my body a home by learning what it is without the things that I thought made it a home.

(Voice 7) One of he biggest lessons that I learned was when I felt the most lost, the most scared, and ultimately, probably, facing an extremely scary depression. So I stopped and I sat down, and I acknowledged it, and I let it exist. I didn’t run from it and I wasn’t trying to hide form it.

(Voice 8) Again, it’s been a journey, lots of adjusting along the way and accepting. We’re getting there, I think that’s the beauty of it, it’s a journey. There is no rush to get anywhere.

(Voice 9) Memories of joy and feelings of joy, and not even that, just moments of pleasant sensations of some sort are all good ways to feel at home in your body.

(Voice 10) I’m making my body a home by learning how to belong to myself.

(Voice 11) So when I hear belonging, man, there’s a lot of work to do with that always. There’s no reason for anyone to feel that they don’t belong, everyone should belong.

(Voice 12) I don’t know, I think I’m just scared of sitting down in that wait of telling my own story, but I think that will only help with feeling that sense of belonging in myself and home in myself.

(Voice 13) Because at this point everything is scary, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it.

(Voice 14) Just know that there are bigger and better things on the other side of it, there always is.

(Voice 15) Getting out of scarcity mindset, so I’m enough, there’s enough for everybody so I’m not in competition.  I’m notscrambling for someone else’s piece of pie, there’s enough pie.

(Voice 16) And then if we’re taking the time with ourselves to do the work, to learn how to belong for ourselves, then we can belong with others better.

(Voice 17) The closer I feel to myself, the closer I feel to others, and the more I’m willing to share myself because I know I am enough. And I want to live in a world where we can be enough together.

Array of voices repeating the phrases:

Your story matters / You belong here / All bodies are good bodies / This is my body, this is my home / It’s okay to fall apart, it’s okay to be happy / It’s okay to ask for help / You are not alone

Narrator reciting:

Your body is an opportunity. Exploration. A soft canvas of reclamation. A remarkable container for the universe to arrive. Inherently worthy. Always enough. Wade deeper into the thoroughness of your love. Rewrite stories never meant to define you. Make space for joy where there is pain. Plant flowers in the minefields of your shame. Unfold into paths both known and unknown. Let your body be a home.